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The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency’s (RIEMA’s) Training and Exercise Program is responsible for ensuring that the State can effectively meet the challenges faced during a natural and/or man-made incident. The purpose of this program is to create and manage a statewide training and exercise system with an all-hazards approach that embodies the statutory mission areas which are mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. By definition, exercises and trainings are designed to develop, improve, and verify an organization’s capability to perform one or more functions.


The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency implements the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) methodology to enhance and assess preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities at the Federal, State, and local levels.

Rhode Island's HSEEP plan is a threat and performance based exercise program that employs a cycle and range of exercise activities. This plan is designed to be utilized by Federal, State, local, tribal, and private, or non-governmental organizations that are dedicated to enhancing preparedness efforts through practice and exercise.

To request exercise support, please fill out RIEMA’s Exercise Support Request form.

For additional information, please contact the State Exercise Coordinator at (401) 946-9996.


The training provided by RIEMA serves all 39 local and tribal communities in improving effective and professional emergency services. The instruction offered will enable each community to attain proficiency in mitigating, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from all types of emergencies.

To sign up for a training event, please complete our Training Registration Form.

To request support for a training, please fill out our Training Support Request form. For more information contact RIEMA's Training Coordinator.

FEMA Trainings

Independent Study Courses Information

All courses are free of charge and are taught by qualified instructors under contract with RIEMA. In addition, independent-study course opportunities are offered for individuals who seek professional training but are unable to attend courses in residence, in the field, or in an organized classroom environment.

To view FEMA's Independent Study course offerings and to enroll in a course today visit

ICS 300, Intermediate Incident Command System

This two day program expands on basic Incident Command System (ICS) principles and provides more description and detail of the organization and operation of the ICS, management of resources, describes the duties of all positions, and provides examples of how the essential ICS principles are used in incident and event planning.

Students are required to take the following Independent Study prerequisite courses per FEMA guidelines prior to participating in ICS 300. These courses, listed below, are free to the public and are available online:

For additional information about the ICS 300 course, click here.

ICS 400, Advanced Incident Command System

This two day program expands on much of the material covered in the ICS 300 course. The course emphasizes large-scale organization development; roles and relationships of the primary staff; and the planning, operational, logistical and fiscal considerations related to large and complex incidents and event management.

Students participating in ICS 400 are required to take the above mentioned Independent Study courses and ICS 300 prior to taking the course. For additional information about the ICS 400 course, click here.

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