State Emergency Operations Plan

The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) has developed the State Emergency Operations Plan (SEOP) to provide an overview of the State’s approach to emergency management. The document focuses on coordination and planning for large scale disaster which can generate unique situations requiring extraordinary response and recovery operations by the State.

The provisions of the Emergency Operations Plan are promulgated under the authority of the Rhode Island General Laws “Emergency Management Act”, Chapter 30-15, as amended.

The SEOP outlines how RIEMA coordinates resources, personnel and equipment from State agencies, the Federal government, local governments, voluntary organizations, and private sector stakeholders. The basic objectives of the plan are to protect the lives and property of the citizens of the State of Rhode Island in time of emergency or disaster and to restore those facilities and services which have sustained loss or damage.

All State officials and governing authorities of political subdivisions of the State are “Civil Government in Action’ during an emergency, and all organizations and individuals affected by the Plan shall adopt it as the basis for emergency planning and operations. This Plan is designed to complement other emergency plans and standard operating procedures of all State agencies

All recipients are directed to advise the Emergency Management Agency Director of any changes which might result in the improvement or increase of its usefulness. Amendments or additions to the SEOP may be issued from time to time as directives by the Director of the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency.