Power Failures

Power failure is the most comment incident that can occur from severe weather and other incidents. For example, strong wind, lightning, and wet snow can cause tree branches to break and fall, potentially bringing down power lines. A widespread terrorist incident could disrupt major power sources and extreme heat can cause them to overload which could lead to rolling blackouts.

Heat waves also have the potential to cause blackouts in heavily-populated areas, due to the heavy use of air cooling devices. In some instances brownouts will occur, either intentionally or unintentionally, which results in electricity reduction. Brownouts are a drop in voltage in a power supply system that may be caused by a disruption of an electrical grid, or it may be imposed in order to prevent a blackout.

In today’s technologically advanced society, we rely heavily on electricity to perform some essential day-to-day functions. Download our Power Failure Preparedness Guide and follow the tips for dealing with a possible power failure before, during, and after it occurs

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